The current trends indicate that the future of health sensing will be from many areas viz. health, fashion, clothing, festival wear, sensors services to spiritual entrepreneurs and metro-culture lifestyle.

As consumption in such healthcare and related sector are expected to grow, people will expect their medical devices like wearable sensors, blood pressure measurement device, pregnancy test kit, initial CoVid -19 body temperature and sneeze test devices, diabetes test kits, Body Mass Index Units (BMI), CT-Scans, etc. and particularly non-prescribed monitoring devices, to be pleasing. Today many healthy people want to keep track of their health status on a continuous basis through easy to use IoT based mobile apps and integrated sensors, non-intrusive, fashionable devices. These growing group of people ranges from those who proactively manage their health, to the “extra worried well” from HNIs who are concerned about the latest health scare in the media. Patients are becoming more aware of the sensors and services that have emerged in the wellness and fitness domain. Even, many modern gyms are becoming institutional customers of such healthcare devices and offering services to their regular customers.

I am not saying that ‘yoga‘ is not beneficial’ but it is a precautionary measure for many health issues that could be regularly monitored and measured by digital sensors enabled healthcare devices.