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It’s been over years now, but it seems like only yesterday I decided to share my thoughts – right or wrong, good or bad – with anyone willing to read them. I write what I think my followers will enjoy. I know “all followers may not be my fan and all fans are not friends” like lion following you in Jungles 🙂 but someday they will also be my friends and understand me. Something they might read and say, “Yep, that sounds like Abhi’s (TIME IS NOW)” or better yet “I love how Abhishek Writes”!

I enjoy being myself and apart from that I like writing few scientific articles, speaking stories, making people understand themes, etc. so I’ll share some of it with you. I can also let you feel comfortable on in essay-form about a particular topic, so I’ll share that articles as well. I’ll post pictures since photography can tell a story when words alone cannot. Words need a lot of synonyms and its example so that one can imagine & think. If, I can’t text or pen so many synonymous words…then I will keep posting pictures to imagine.  I’m sure to throw in a post or two about travel because… well, because I love to travel! I am very often moved by the search of discovering myself in relation with others be that a person, object, monuments, culture, nature, money, etc.

No matter the subject, it’s sure to be non-confrontational and simple. My words, my photos, my way! Thank you to the blogging world in general, and to Word Press specifically, for providing an outlet for us to share what we create!

I would love to read your genuine comments! Thanks You with love.

From the great territory of India, Delhi, in the center of the Union.

Abhishek Singh (B. Tech. & M.E.)
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhi15

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