I personally believe it as “Financial War in Middle East Vs European Union (EU) by USA(1) & USSR(2)” for Engery Price Regulations.

Those were the days of OIL Price war in MIDDLE EAST (OPEC) and Western Controller UK & USA to regulate price imports in India & Indian Sub-continent. It was great effort that common Indian Citizens arrived safely from Kuwait back in past but then Indian were Commodity like FACEBOOK has its users as commodity. Facebook & Twitter earn because common people use that for free (ofcourse cheap internet charges apply in India) but what about Petrol and डीज़ल, the users are those who could afford own vehicles or Govt. Vehicles or atleast use Public Transport daily (Indirect Crude Importers). Students studing ONLINE are less likely to use petrol & deisel therefore, they are less attractive users today but may be good user in future and for that they have to be supported by parents to be back home safely if stuck in crisis. We Indians don’t support cars for kids going colleges like Bollywood Movies. Russia is wheat surplus country and at the same time it’s an OIL (Crude) exporter. Sunflower oil🌻 is also famous in Ukraine. What do you import? Atleast comment me what vegetable oil do you students use at 🏠 home, your parents are import-supporter of few of those vegetable oils. Come home safely. 🙂 Smile.

We had seen complete halting of Public Transport and even Private Transport for normal travels during COVID 19 (Corona Virus -19). So, keep requesting the embassy and be in contact with your parents in case of havoc or personal problems too as YOU ARE OUT OF INDIA ON INDIAN PASSPORT. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🚩🚩🚩🚩✈️ Must register your local address to the nearest “India mission abroad” if you want to stay in EU or prolong the studies.

Stay Safe. Stay Connected.

Those were the banking wars when many PSUs got merged and many new small finance banks got inaugurated. NBFC got bankrupt and subsequently changed names or started new ventures. The big fish 🐟 always tries to eat small fish, and love of “fish” is a different matter altogether. Do you love fish? Or fishing? What if you don’t eat fish? Do you need to learn fishing? I don’t eat fish but where are fruits?🍎 🍇 🍊 🍌