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Few months before, I read few good things in a book “The Power of Habits” – Why we do what we do in life and business by Charles duhigg. According to William James all of our work life are wired according to our activities based on our habbits. For next few days you may encounter the output and fruits of your habbits. But, a mass of unwanted habits may touch your face and hamper your well-being so try to identify it and start minimizing those bad habbits. Few of my good habbits made me feel like the products of well considered decision. Apply these good habbits post pendemic lockdown.

Making good habbits will transform you in coming 8 days only and the continuity of the same along with its longevity will surprise you.

#Daily good habits (Routine)

1. I do yoga everyday.

2. I do meditation and train my brain consciously.

3. I bath daily and take nutritional food as soon as possible along with pure water.

4. Taking 3-5 litres of water everyday to keep body hydrated and maintain body temperature and innate immune always helps.

5. I smile every day on good occasions and at-times I fake it (smile) till I make it (good occasions).

6. Prefer to work with zeal and enthusiasm where I see respect for it.

7. I take good sleep, take rest and celebrate my day activities before sleeping on my bed.

8. There are certain things to do where we do not get immediate results but this is part of the Karmic yoga philosophy. As per Bhagwat Geeta a spiritual speaker are attached to Dharma without being attached to the fruit of his or her hard work for personal consequences. The concept is valid for all the hard workers and you are going to achieve something great at certain time and space.

9. Love the life. Life and lifestyle will reciprocate positivity.

Books are your best friend

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