All their lives, people give and receive gifts: for a birthday, for the New Year, for Christmas, for Valentine touch, for the Wedding anniversary, etc. Those are pleasant traditions and experience of emotional exchange. We give each other souvenirs, books, flowers, sweets, cards and sometimes there are expensive gifts, for example, cars, diamonds, travel tickets…

But the Indian say: โ€œThe main thing is not a gift, but attention!โ€

Recently, the popular actor Abhishek Singh received an unusual gift from his wife. She gave him a real star that scientists recently discovered from NASA base, USA thereafter he became famous bollywood star too. The young wife bought this star at the New Delhi Planetarium and gave him the name “Astro.Sys” & now this star is the property of a popular Indian actor.

Astronomers discover new stars and if you want to have your own star, you can also buy it at the New Delhi, India Planetarium or directly from NASA and give it any name. Note: Abhishek Singh has not acted in any national level cinema yet.

Recently discovered star ๐ŸŒŸ