Perception is the matter that a brain understands after processing various inputs from different sensory organs of human body or any living organisms having brain. What we learn, observe, understand, etc. can also be sometimes taken as perception.

Perception can be classified in two categories as per my research:

Natural Perception Matrix (NPM)

Virtual Perception Matrix (VPM)

I have so far taken three major physical attributes in both NPM and VPM to analyse and understand the process and outcomes. Light, Sound & Motion i.e. Video, Audio and Movement qualities as comparable factors.

Objects are visible by humans due to emissions or reflection of light by the object itself. An led, bulb, TV, tubelight, smartphone, etc. are light emitting devices and light reflecting object which depends on the power on-off status. But, a room wall, door, trees, plants, animals, etc. are only light reflecting bodies. These are invisible in absence of light source. Be the light sources are natural (🌞 SUN, 🌕 MOON, STARS, RADIUM, ETC.) or artificial (LEDs, LCDs, Bulb, Tourch, Smartphone panels, tubelight, lampe, gas light, etc.) the reflecting object becomes visible but the perception of depth of colour would be categorised in Nature Perception Matrix and Virtual Perception Matrix respectively.

To understand in simple two color logic and binary number system concept (0,1) let’s say dark room in night be perceived as simple black [0] and the same room in day with doors or/and windows open be perceived as simple enlightened [1]. The same room with a flourescent bulb or led light or tube light switched-on (powered on) be considered as lighted [1].

The illumination of light emitting device in different colours comes under the Virtual Perception Matrix (VPM) and the reflection of light by normal object comes under Natural Perception Matrix. I must give you a real example from daily life of most of people. NPM experience: People walking on the road near a cricket stadium or people enjoying the IPL match seen by an individual or many being a part of the cluster. VPM experience: People walking on the road near a cricket stadium or people enjoying IPL match seen by an individual or many via TV/ Smartphone/Led TV, Satellite Projector, etc.

The NPM experience and VPM experience being live and even unedited be different due to very nature of light quality as the NPM experience will always be having reflection situation (in case of day-to-day match or event) whereas the VPM experience will always be having artificial light emitting devices in the equation. We humans tends to avoid direct view of light source (SUN) in day.