Take Care of yourself !

The most dangerous place in the world for a girl or a woman is her own home. Often a victim waits until they are alone and the abuser has gone to work to seek help from a friend or neighbor, therefore during the COVID19 period of “Social Distancing” and “Stay at Home.” A victim of domestic violence is now trapped with their abuser.

Judicial court facilities have reduced their daily activity; however, Orders of Protections (OOP) can still be granted. A victim of domestic violence who wishes to seek an Order of Protection should call their local domestic violence hotline or the national hotline (100 in India) to speak with a Domestic Violence advocate who can walk the victim through the process of obtaining an order.

If you are a victim of a domestic violence you can start to work on an order by going to local law & order maintenaning officer. You need to consider three items: relationship to the respondent (abuser), whether the abuse or threat is recent and the location (locality of the city) of the abuse. Domestic advocates are providing services and assistance with OOPs via phone conversations also before the petitioner (victim) goes to court to request and order.

You are not ALONE! Be bold and let the abuser & virtual abuser stay away from you and your family. Recent news articles have indicated an increase in domestic violence incidents around the world. Make sure you maintain contact with your family, friends and neighbors and if you suspect abuse call 100 (India) and (911 in USA) if it is an emergency.

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