Intellectual talk reveals that India is growing faster than ever before in telecom sector. The fastest-growing smartphone market registered a 19 per cent jump in consuming porn and adults content right after the official restrictions in light of Coronavirus lockdown imposed in late March 2020. It was noteworthy that many people devoted their time studying online, getting new skills, upgrading programing skills, learning languages via mobile apps (Android or iOS), dedicating once again on decades old blogging habbits, making memorable YouTube videos, participanting in social media networking and social media marketing too.

* India has reported 90% spike in traffic to adult sites during the lockdown of 2020.
*Data show India registered a 19 per cent jump in consuming porn and adults content right after the official restrictions in light of Coronavirus lockdown among teens.
*Although several Indian telecom operators have blocked a number of adult sites, their content still can be accessed on mirror domains. Government of India also brought new IT regulations including ban on child-pornography and complete restrictions in the public & educational premises.

An article released by one of the porn sites & Pornhub (now blocked by most of ISPs), the world’s biggest porn site states that the data consumption patterns since the CoVid-19 pandemic had increased and induced quarantines & blockings by Internet Anti-Virus softwares also spiked. Infact, people were helpless to stay indoor during the lockdowns-1 & lockdown-2 phases across the world. In New-Delhi the streets were silent and people were working from home & many became jobless and lost lives. Italy was the worst-hit nation in the world outside China in early March 2020 as per the national newspaper “The Times of India.” The duo-country’s (Italy-China) March lockdown period saw a huge hike in consumption of adult content compared to United States and some of Indian States including Bihar & Jharkhand.

Ancient Images (Source: National Museum)

European and American web traffic to porn sites increased around 25th April 2020 from the start of the nation-wide lockdown on March 19. Phycological impact of losses in business, Share-Market, transportation, mobility, jobs, college closure and other educational institutions also led to more hits to random websites via search engines.

Googlers need to enter new word-search based on their past searches in mind as gmail and/or Google search login credentials may have had history of words related to their past year searches like “SeX, Nude, Actress-Images, Actor, Sportswear, Sports-men, etc.”

Beware! Mere cache memory cleaning or browser un-installing & re-installing may not clear history from servers if you have had granted permission to improve search algorithms or for quality purpose. Be happy and enjoy healthy-safe search !😀👍