Well, in digital world or even in many natural instance only 8 is greater than 0 in terms of time required to write manually or in-terms of energy required to back-lite the led/lcd screen. It is so small in nature of comparison that hardly one out of a billion would notice the significance but it is there and may give big difference to observer if the incident of light from laptops of computer or any digital devices are taken into account.


Obviously, 1≠ 0 but, 1< 0, 9<8, 3<8, 6 = 9 and only 8>0 in-terms of light incident on retina (iris calculation concept). This also insignificant to normal living beings but when matter of room lighting, sensors based led night lights to sleep well, laptop’s gamma radiation, laptops used in banks vs IT firms vs gamers, etc. comes into account then, one need to be cautious and respect 8.

I am life path 8 person. Remember, 8 is only greater than 0. ♊😊😷 Wish best wishes, I wish good luck to research and development.