Firstly, who am I? An independent writer and not affiliated to any public or private listed organization. Well, I have heard that there is going to be first corporative biotechnology company which is aiming to make open source viral therapies for cancer. That’s nice and seems good to know. Why not “nano-level” food stuff ? In my opinion many young folk unintentionally invite many diseases just by consuming non-vegetarian foods like meat, pork, chicken, etc. There language to communicate often possess strong killing and snatching nature. Even, nature reveals that people living in cold to very cold geographical locations are inclined to eat non-vegetarian food due to cultivation constraints and drink wine, bear, wisky, etc. to sustain temperature below 0°C. The choices of vegetarian food in very cold places are changing and people started importing crops, grains, spices, etc. but climatic conditions are prevalent.

The nano-technology business out of research may bring life to deprived sufferer of industrial waste. Many times sound pollution are also hidden killer but will nano corporation provide nano-medicine? Let’s see!

Ultimately, it is the industrial waste management which must be dealt with utmost care. Water contaminations are not just one thing, temperature rise, manual temperature manipulations of whole city due to industrial setups often lead to 4-5 degree Celsius difference from similar cities and that leads to change in as a whole perception of people living there. Mere average rise and fall of 8 degree Celsius leads to population variance i.e. huge influx of people living in certain geographical locations or huge decline of population living in certain location.

Let’s take one of natural sensors that’s nose acting as artificial chemical sensor that what kind of smells (natural from humans) are repelling in nature? What kind of smells attractive? Good smells + foul smells = Foul smell means dominance of foul smell that small in quality. Imagine which smells are responsible for cancerous cell built-up rather repelling people are not infact foul smell or good smell but cancerous triggering smell just by recalling some old calibrating coded smell sequence in the brain.

For arrays of chemical sensors of let you or your CPUs understand the digital sequence of natural lavender or pheromone or perfumes are one thing and natural repelling/attracting smell to human nose 👃 and ultimately brain are another thing. Where are even 3,00,000 clusters of natural body odour which could simply let two people talk in close distance or interact in social- distancing manner?

What do you say?

Same may be applicable to temperature that would in anyway burn your internal intestinal tissues or simply skin burn for say in hot sunny days.

Same would be applicable to water contaminations that would be  somehow the prime cause of many mixed minerals in H2o due to geographical location and more n more people are dependent on RO water in urban location so mere simple change in tap water input would trigger cancer and many similar diseases and further the business of medicine and doctors would run…

Long back industrialization lead to river water contaminations and ground water ruins and then came Bisleri, Aucqafina, Himalayan, Eon packed water etc. generic for all humans but earlier nature provided many times water added with minerals which are otherwise required to the native of village or town. Some people needed iron rich food due to deficiency of iron and many need to filter iron rich water to avoid excess of iron intake. Health is purely personal. Nevertheless, generic matter of concern is healthy food and fresh water.

One need to study the effect of temperature inversion on mass-movement of people around the world. Health care business are due to scarcity of good food, fresh water, clothing and house. Further, it is due to lack of self discipline and self care. I ask people to understand your body, discover your body and nurture your body for happy life. With best wishes… Abhishek Singh [Master of Engineering, Sensor Technology, Germany, B.Tech. SRMIST, M.D.(A.M.), IBAM, Kolkata ()]