Banana is rich in potassium (K) and it is very famous in Hajipur, Bihar and Maharashtra of India. It is wonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh. It is prepackaged with its own yellow jacket when ripe. Eating banana 🍌 🍌 at-times help with similar benifits as salt water bathing. Green bananas are also cultivated in southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Your blood pressure is likely to be higher if you don’t get enough of the nutrient. Sum of potassium, calcium, iron in food or fruits should be in range of 2,500 and 4,500 milligrams each day apart from pre-requisite calories intake. How much is that? A medium banana has about 450 milligrams. A baked baby-potato with the skin gives you more than 800 milligrams. Spinach, beans, tomatoes, oranges, yogurt, and sweet potatoes are also high in potassium. Some people with medical issues like kidney disease or who take certain medicines may have to be careful with potassium. So check with your doctor before changing what you eat. Alternative Medicine may also in many situations because naturopathic diets always helps. An adult person (learnt or unlearnt) knows about himself or herself way more than anyone else and there genuine demand always takes care of body and sustainability.

Ripped Banana