How To Cure The Moon Through Food

If the moon is giving bad results, never try to eat meat. Offer milk to Tulsi and/or coconut plant.

Drink water, take vitamin c, whenever the moon is bad. Afflicted moon will decrease the water in the body and will cause a lot of damage therefore, purified water to drink is must otherwise normal RO water also works for many folks.

If the Mahadasha of the Moon starts, then stop using cold things, and the things kept in the fridge like banana, rice, curd, etc, you should stop using such items completely. If-fact many nutrition therapist suggests one should never keep banana at all in fridge.

It is good to stop eating the things that contain peppermint, it is menthol, otherwise you get into a lot of trouble, especially on Ekadashi, don’t even touch the rice otherwise you may feel cold or sudden drop in body temperature.

If there is Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius Moon in the birth chart, then drinking milk at night usually does not give good results. People who drink milk at night should have a very strong digestive system and drink milk before 3-3.5 hours before going to sleep, otherwise, you should avoid drinking milk at night. It is best that if you eat food within 1 hour of sunset, then drink milk at night, it is still good for your health. Many of Chinese University students go for dinner by 7 O’clock as the distance of moon seems to be far from the country than Indian states. North-Indian states worship moon in the name of Karwachauth, Chaukchanda, Ramdaaan, etc. where as South Indian states worship the moon as protector of cyclone, typhoon, sea-tides, waves and these are apart from purnima and amavasya puja.

If the Moon or Venus is bad due to Rahu’s togetherness then “Om Rang Rahve Namaha” mantra may help and taking milk at the night will harm you. If there is a moon in the seventh and the consumption of non-vegetarian and alcohol continues in the marriage, then there may be problem in Rahu Mahadasha in the life of the individual.

Eat healthy. Think better. Moon also affects mind and thought more on amavasya and purnima.