Are you thinking about when to cleanse. Cleansing after a holiday, a celebration, a stressful weak at work, after a vacation, or even after a difficult conflict can be very helpful.

But, what is cleansing?

The cleansing is a natural way of calming your body (stomach) by getting rids of toxins, if required. In few cases, it also depletes body but one can avoid such situations by knowing self-value and self-body. Naturopathic approach to cleansing has been developed over thousands of years. Primarily it removes ‘ama‘ i.e. toxins from the body and secondarily, it strengthens digestive system i.e. ‘agni‘ tatwa of the stomach. One may do cleansing by drinking hot-honey (be-aware to add only half tea spoon honey, don’t add 3-5 tea spoons honey) water or simply hot papaya (or leaf) juice in morning. Lemon water juice intake once in a week also helps.

The change of seasons, particularly at the beginning of fall and spring, are considered to be the prime times for detoxifying. It’s best to avoid intense cleansing during extreme hot or cold temperatures, however, a mild cleanse just after excess indulgence or exposure to toxicity can be healthy preventative medicine. Cleanses are also recommended when you start to feel sick in order to prevent disease. In some cases a detox is useful just after an illness to ensure complete recovery and rejuvenation. In north-east India traditional hindu families do fastings and mata Durga puja around October. Even, Islamic and Christ followers do ‘Ramadan’ and ‘Easter’ respectively. Therefore, few religious traditions also ask people to include cleansing atleast once in a calendar year.

Note: Cleanses are contraindicated during menstruation, as the body is already cleansing. Good practioner always considers the age and strength of a person in determining what cleanse is optimal. The person should not be too young (under 7), too old (over 70), or too deplet (under weight).

A mono-diet of ‘Kitchari‘ provides simple yet easy to digest and nourishing food that is supportive to your body after a cleanse.