Sensory memory act through the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, which are retained accurately, but very briefly due to noise registered along side. “Dhayan” – an act to focus must be included by humans by training to get most from conscious part of brain as noises generally get registered in the subconscious part of brain during studies, research or work. The beauty of recall is that one may re-write what he or she has studied or read earlier with optimum concentration when he or she hear again the same voice or noise in-synchronization with brain acceptance level like noise in the form of favourite songs, music, family members or friends singing in other room while studying, national song like ‘Vandē mātaram’, etc. It is noteworthy to understand that the generic recall mechanism acts as per the (“Hun” registry of Samveda) acceptance registry of sensory memory stack allocation in brain and body parts. Yes, humans do store few memories on body parts too rather in the mind (brain). Ancient tattoo designs on humans revel this and one may bring memory from the site of tattoo to brain based on the angle of view of the observer. Many tattoos can’t be seen by other souls. Anyways, tattoos were external intervention on the body via touch sensory memory allocation but what’s internal are sum of conscious and subconscious positives.

I have observed that attention significantly affects memory during the learning or studying phase (i.e. encoding phase), but affects less during recall of exam phase.

Thus, distractions or divided attention during initial learning may severely impair subsequent retrieval success, whereas distractions at the time of recall may slow down the process a little, but has little to no effect on its accuracy.

We have alot in our brain than we simply understand to reproduce in exams or engaging ourselves in communication. So, we need to limit ourselves within word-limits during exams or even in family and friends conversation. The whole offerings here is to honour yourself and your body. Never get carried by bad vibes. Life is to live. “If you are alive, yes you are.”