Here, I have three global health approaches that I have encountered in the last 4 years or so. One is called a vertical health care program, where you have supply or individual focus on a specific disease like malaria, smallpox, HIV, and AIDS, and so on, and so forth. And then we have this horizontal way of looking at health systems wherein expanding infrastructure, the micro organization, hospitals, health facilities, training for health workers, and so on, so forth comes into consideration. That’s the very much financing horizontal, right? But, we recognize that even if you build a health center (currently many hotels and open spaces are converted into CoVid-19 testing care centers and hospitals), right, and you provide the medicines, nursing, etc. and they are there. It doesn’t mean that people are going to go there on there own, right? Possibly? So, you have to think about social determinants of health too, i.e. culture, things that create barriers of access so the horizontal dimensions comes into play and it is pivotal to understand. People need to be a little bit social to ask people having cough and/or fever to get tested for CoVid-19 and accompany the patients with proper preventives measures. Parivaar se pyaar! Parivaar ka saath! So, at least good enough that the WHO published a report on the social determinants of health and CoVid – 19 precautions in 2020, recognizing that there are challenges not just systems, not just focusing on diseases. But, you need to do social education as well. So prevention becomes a key. Ok! I just already made an illustration of my residence area (Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 19), and so on, so forth and I perceived the leading cause of CoVid – 19 infections and that is the novel virus (CV19) in polluted air that too in low income countries where lower respiratory, infections and diarrhea were already common. What causes CoVid 19? Can you learn preventive measures that you can take? Sanitation is obviously the key. So improving daily living conditions, tackling inequality, in part -probably even number two here becomes important and especially that, because the power structures that are the WHO report on social determinants of health mentioned that pollution and air qualities are spreading more CoVid-19 than social interactions which are killing people. It’s the people who control positions that perpetuate inequality wherein people resides. People are in part and are the ones who are creating this.

The sustainable development goals will have some goals for health. It’s likely that we will have one, which probably is going to be this. I recognize equity, protecting people from impoverishment, and so on, and so forth. So, this last point here about who you can be in the 21st century- health conscious wise– it should be to educate the term ‘EduHealth’ and mobilize knowledge, engage in critical reasoning, and ethical conduct. Keep your hand sanitized, take care of your face-mask till the pandemic threat exists. Of-course, maintain distance from unknown people (especially CoVid-19 infected).

These are things we should not forget. And the ultimate purpose is to assure universal coverage of quality health care and equity for all. But, we need to communicate. I like this reason, because if you want to communicate something, be direct about it. Don’t beat around the bush about what the priorities are and what you think should be done. Be very direct about it. Ask people to maintain hygiene. Show people that you move from one place to another with proper care and precautions.

And, friends, I would like to let you all understand that the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. But the next best time is today. So start today. Trees are also air purifiers. Neem! Peepal! Mangoes! 🙂

Mango Tree

If you’re not committed yet to global health, today is the day. And, now I’ll end with this for all of us, that the campaign to end the novel diseases CoVid-19 lies in hygiene, that started in early 2020 in China, Bharat, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia and many other nations. The key to be safe stays in mantra of maintaining hygiene, maintaining innate immune, internal immune and external immune. Few spices like kalimirch, elaichi, bay leaves, ginger, etc. along with staple food helps in maintaining immune.

I really hope you are shocked. And so, I’ll end with this. And, just thank you for the time you gave to communicate with me. Take Care! Stay Home Stay Safe! Move with care! Move dhire dhire !

Always remember immunity helps in better body functioning:

Innate immunity
Internal defenses
External defenses